The Greatest Investors In The World

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The Greatest Investors In The World

Great investors are the backbone of the financial world.They have definitely reaped the benefits from their hardwork and determination. These investors differ quite a bit in their investing strategies. But the one thing they all have in common, is that they can definitely beat the market. They didn’t get rich trading penny stocks, they earned their money with smart investments and a heavy emphasis on educating themselves.

Ten of the most successful investors in the world:

It is not an easy feat to be branded the best investor in the world.These individuals have earned a lot of money for themselves and they also have a huge factor in the prices of stocks on the market, especially ones they own.

The following is a list of the most successful investors in the world:

best investor in the world

1.Warren Buffett-($58.5 Billion)

-He is known as the Oracle of Omaha.
-He runs a holdings company called ‘Berkshire Hathaway’.
-He runs his business incredibly well and makeswonderful stock picks.
-You can check out some of his strategies I have written out here.

Greatest investors in the world
2.Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal-($20-30 Billion)

-He has been branded the most influential Arab in the world.
-He made his great fortune as the founder of the Kingdom Holding Company.
-He invests mainly in Hotels,Real Estate,Media,Entertainment and also Technology.

ICahn Enterprises

3.Carl Icahn-($24.5 Billion)

-He is the owner of Icahn Enterprises.
-He has invested in the Gaming Industry,the Rail Car Industry,Food Packaging ,Metals,Real Estate and Home Fashion.

4.Ronald Perelman-($14 Billion)

-He is the founder and owner of MacAndrew & Forbes Holding Company.
-He invests in many things among them, Panavision cameras and Revlon cosmetics.
-He has been wise in breaking down his investment into various industries and this is one of the reasons he has been able to amass such huge amounts of wealth.
-His wealth has come though at the expense of his family life.He has been married five times.

greatest investors in the world

5.Mikhail Prokhorov-($10.9 Billion)

-He is a native Russian.
-He has been the chairman for Russia’s top producers of nickel and palladium.
-He is a sports fan and the owner of Brooklyn Nets basketball team.

6.Philip Anschutz-($10 Billion)

-His story is quite captivating.
-He bought his dad’s drilling company and started drilling in wyoming.His profits from this venture were very impressive and gave him enough capital to start investing.He invested in various trades including Real Estate.
-He is currently the owner of a few soccer teams.

7.Harold Simmons-($10 Billion)

-He is the one responsible for creating leveraged buy outs(LBO’s).

8.August Von Finck-($8.4 Billion)

-He was one lucky guy.
-He inherited his grandfather’s insurance company which he later sold.With this large amount of money,he started investing heavily in other trades.Among his favourites are Real Estate and Industrial sectors.

9.Suleiman Kerimov-($7.1 Billion)

-He started his enterpreneurial journey with the little money he earned at his accounting job.He transformed his small investment into a multi-million company.

10.Edward Johnson-($9.3 Billion)

-He runs Fidelity Investments.

My conclusion and some popular quotes from the greatest investors in the world

“It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.”-Warren Buffett.

“We’re getting hurt but I’m a long-term investor.”-Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.

“You learn in this business…if you want a friend,get a dog.”-Carl Icahn.

A good student learns from the experiences of those who walked before him.These investors of all time set their standards which form a base for future investors.

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