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Hello! And I’d like to be the first one to welcome you to my website, WarrenBuffettNews.com

Warren Buffett



A little bit about myself. My name is Charles and I am a 20 year old proud Canadian. I grew up in Saskatoon Saskatchewan but most recently moved to London Ontario for schooling. I’m looking to take my Bachelor Of Commerce and hopefully when I am done major in Finance. Web design isn’t my thing, but I like to think writing is. So I apologize in advance for my horrid taste in design. I hope to make up for it with my excellent articles!

I have decided to start WarrenBuffettNews because I feel what better way to expand my financial knowledge, especially when I need it for school, by blogging about the best investor who ever lived. Buffett has fascinated me in every way possible and although I will never be him, I can try to be somewhat like him.

Frugality isn’t really a choice for me, it’s kind of forced. I ride in a 1999 Lincoln Town Car that barely gets me from point A to B, but it will have to do as I am currently a typical broke student.

I don’t plan to blog much because of my busy schedule but when I do I really hope you guys enjoy my posts. If you need to get a hold of me, feel free to head to my contact page